we at Wofast welcome you

You have reached a very experienced designer and trainer in pavement marking (line striping) equipment, creation of standard operating procedures, and assistant to purchasing agents that are starting the process of buying large equipment for their marking program.

I have designed and oversaw the complete build of hundreds of large truck mounted stripers that served customers all over the world. On top of that, we have trained the crews in operating these pieces of equipment, and offer the same services to you.



our first mid mount cab with great ergonomics
four gun airport striping
350 gallon city striper
Large airport runway striper
conventional cab 700 gallon highway marker
Quebec Ministry 1500 gallon 2015/16

We are best contacted by email or text. Phone calls are welcome as well (we are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone) and will answer from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday at 289-668-7179. Email is simply       davidopie@icloud.com

   ▪     instructional training on pavement marking equipment operations.

     ▪     safety training

     ▪     writing standard operating procedures

     ▪     overhauls of large stripers

     ▪     new design for your next project

     ▪     suggestions for improved equipment reliability

     ▪     valuations for insurance purposes

We do other things too! Check out our other interest at racing.wofast.ca

Quality, easy to operate equipment design for all your pavement marking and striping needs